Urban Decay: Electric Palette Review

The Urban Decay Electric Palette has been on my loves list at Sephora for a very long time, but because it’s so bright and in your face I avoided buying it- until now. I figured this would get me out of my makeup rut and boy was I right. I am convinced that these pops of color can get anyone out of boring old habits. After all, makeup is an art and finding different ways to get out of our comfort zone is all part of the fun!

Without further adieu, I’ll tell you about the palette as well as my first impression/review!


The price of this palette at Sephora is only $59 CAD.

This gorgeous palette comes with 10 vibrant shades that make me want to cry tears of joy.

From left to right first row:DSCF2713v2.jpg

Revolt: A beautiful silver shade that would make Ke$ha proud to wear. The shade is shimmery and does have glitter. I’d say its a bit on the light/medium side when it comes to how dark it is in terms of silvers if that makes any sense. When I use an eyeshadow brush to pick it up, not very much goes on so you might have to dip it in a few times to get a very powerful silver colour. Hard to see in the swatch, but that’s just because I’m pale, and the issues with getting it on the brush.

Gonzo: A turquoise with a wee little bit of shimmer to it, though it is considered a matte shade. In Urban Decays product description, it describes this as a, “bright turquoise matte w/ floating tonal pearl”, whatever the hell that means. I have never heard of something being described as a floating tonal pearl, but I’ll accept it as fact.

Slowburn: I’d describe this shade as being intensely reddish-orange. I see a little bit of shimmer to this one, and it had the same “floating tonal pearl” description as well. This makes me want to create a sunset on my eyelids, even though it is listed as one of the shades that are not meant to be put around the eyes, but I’ll get into that later.

Savage: This is a BAM in your face bright hot pink shade that would make probably make Elle Woods from Legally Blonde (such a good movie) pass out- I know I wanted to. It is matte as well which makes me feel like the makeup gods have blessed me with such perfection. This shade has the warning as well.

Fringe: A glittery/metallic teal that makes dreams come true. I don’t have words to describe how wonderfully pigmented this shade is. Plain and simple: it’s pretty.

From left to right bottom row:


Thrash: Urban Decay describes it as, “bright lime green matte w/floating gold pearl”. To me it looks more yellow than green, but I’m not about to argue. I can’t see myself using this shade too often but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s incredibly pigmented!

Freak: A lighter green colour that I would compare to mint in my humble opinion even though it still looks rather warm toned. It does have some shimmer/sparkle to it. Again, not one I can see myself using often, but man it is opaque.

Urban: A dramatic metallic purple shade. It’s not too dark and it seems to be more on the warmer side of the spectrum. This shade does not disappoint whatsoever; wonderfully opaque just how everyone likes their shadows. This shade contains the eye warning.

Jilted: A purple-ish pink, fuchsia looking shade that looks metallic like many of the other shades in this palette. It also has a “blue shift” according to Urban Decay. This is the last shade that contains the eye warning.

Chaos: A spectacularly bright blue matte shade and the one I consider to be my personal favourite. It has that “floating tonal pearl” description once again.

About that warning…

Urban Decay declared that for the USA, Brazil and Canada there are pigments in some of the shades that have been refused for approval around the eye. These shades as mentioned earlier are: slowburn, jilted, urban and savage. Upon further investigation on Google, I came across a post from reallyree that mentioned that the warning was not on the UK packaging of this palette. To see the full statement from Urban Decay on reallyree’s post click here. Personally, I choose to still use them around my eyes. I guess all I can say is if you choose to use them around your eyes, be careful and you have been warned.

Pros and Cons


  • Extremely pigmented.
  • Easily blended.
  • Lasts all day.
  • Great quality.
  • Comes with a brush that I forgot to include in the photo.


  • Stains eyelids sometimes.
  • The ominous warning.
  • A bit pricey.

Overall impression


Fringe on the lid, urban in the crease blended out, and revolt in the inner corner.

To me this is a gorgeous palette that can inspire and help push people out of their comfort zone. With many vibrant colours, it challenges people to create something truly unique and fun. The staining on the lids is definitely not ideal , and I don’t consider this palette to be one for every day use, but it has a special quality to it that makes me glad it is part of my growing collection.

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