First Impressions: Milani Amore Mattalics Lip Creme

I’m attracted to anything that is even slightly out of the ordinary. Metallic lipsticks definitely fit into this love affair of unique makeup products. After seeing Jeffree Star’s snapchat where he was wearing a sort of champagne colored metallic lipstick, I knew that I needed to buy it. Since then of course there have been other metallic lippies released by other companies, like Kylie Cosmetics and Colourpop, however I decided to test out Milani’s.

Out of all the Amore Mattallics Lip Creme, I decided to buy the first three shades.

  • Shade 01: Chromatic Addict
  • Shade 02: Matterialistic
  • Shade 03: Matte About You

    Why I didn’t put them in order, I don’t know.

    Of the three shades, I was most excited about Chromatic Addict and Matte About You.

I was so excited to test them out after having done swatches on my hand. They are very clearly metallic, with Matte About You being a little less so. These retail for $8,99 USD.

In order I will talk about my experiences with each shade.

01: Chromatic Addict

Now I need to say that this shade has got to be my absolute favorite of the trio. Being extremely fair skinned, and compared to milk at times, this was a color that would not look too overpowering, yet unique and would still compliment my skin tone. The lipstick is opaque and is definitely metallic when applied to this lips. It lasted all day and needed little touch ups. Honestly, it was everything I hoped it would be, even though my face in the photo does not look nearly convincing of that fact.


Chromatic Addict ft. resting b*tch face

02: Matte About You

As much as I adore the color of this shade, there are some major problems with it. After applying a single coat, I learned it was streaky. As any normal person would, I then added another layer and it just did not want to cover the see-through area. After fighting with the


Matte About You right after application.

lipstick for a while I managed to get good coverage and I headed out the door for the rest of my day.


I then learned that if you want to do anything with your mouth for the day, like eat, or drink, this shade is not a good one to wear. At the slightest touch of anything, it would crumble off the mouth and leave an ugly patch. Trying to fill in that patch just made it look horrible. I opted to just take off the lippie and save myself some frustration. There must be major problems with this formula.

I do not recommend this particular color.






03: Matterialistic 

Just like Chromatic Addict, I only have good things to say about about this shade.



It went on smoothly, the color is vibrant and it is true to the product’s metallic name. Being the moron that I am sometimes, I realized I forgot to take a picture of this shade, so while writing this I quickly slapped the product on and took a photo. The photo truly does not do this shade justice. It shines beautifully, however the only complaint that I have is that on Milani’s website, the swatch on the lips look lighter than the product actually is. This does not change how much I like it though.



Final thoughts:

Overall Milani Cosmetics did a wonderful job at creating a wearable metallic lip. Something that should be noted is that the lippies do have a vanilla scent to them. If you are someone who does not enjoy scented products then this may not be a great option for you. They dry completely matte and made my obsession with liquid to matte lipsticks even more intense. While I truly enjoyed 2 out of 3 shades, I cannot speak for the formula of the other shades. These are limited edition, so I would pounce while you have the chance. They are soft and durable and made a great addition to my makeup collection. Maybe it will for yours too!

– Ar0deth

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