First Impressions: Milani Amore Mattalics Lip Creme

I’m attracted to anything that is even slightly out of the ordinary. Metallic lipsticks definitely fit into this love affair of unique makeup products. After seeing Jeffree Star’s snapchat where he was wearing a sort of champagne colored metallic lipstick, I knew that I needed to buy it. Since then of course there have been other metallic lippies released by other companies, like Kylie Cosmetics and Colourpop, however I decided to test out Milani’s.

Out of all the Amore Mattallics Lip Creme, I decided to buy the first three shades.

  • Shade 01: Chromatic Addict
  • Shade 02: Matterialistic
  • Shade 03: Matte About You

    Why I didn’t put them in order, I don’t know.

    Of the three shades, I was most excited about Chromatic Addict and Matte About You.

I was so excited to test them out after having done swatches on my hand. They are very clearly metallic, with Matte About You being a little less so. These retail for $8,99 USD.

In order I will talk about my experiences with each shade.

01: Chromatic Addict

Now I need to say that this shade has got to be my absolute favorite of the trio. Being extremely fair skinned, and compared to milk at times, this was a color that would not look too overpowering, yet unique and would still compliment my skin tone. The lipstick is opaque and is definitely metallic when applied to this lips. It lasted all day and needed little touch ups. Honestly, it was everything I hoped it would be, even though my face in the photo does not look nearly convincing of that fact.


Chromatic Addict ft. resting b*tch face

02: Matte About You

As much as I adore the color of this shade, there are some major problems with it. After applying a single coat, I learned it was streaky. As any normal person would, I then added another layer and it just did not want to cover the see-through area. After fighting with the


Matte About You right after application.

lipstick for a while I managed to get good coverage and I headed out the door for the rest of my day.


I then learned that if you want to do anything with your mouth for the day, like eat, or drink, this shade is not a good one to wear. At the slightest touch of anything, it would crumble off the mouth and leave an ugly patch. Trying to fill in that patch just made it look horrible. I opted to just take off the lippie and save myself some frustration. There must be major problems with this formula.

I do not recommend this particular color.






03: Matterialistic 

Just like Chromatic Addict, I only have good things to say about about this shade.



It went on smoothly, the color is vibrant and it is true to the product’s metallic name. Being the moron that I am sometimes, I realized I forgot to take a picture of this shade, so while writing this I quickly slapped the product on and took a photo. The photo truly does not do this shade justice. It shines beautifully, however the only complaint that I have is that on Milani’s website, the swatch on the lips look lighter than the product actually is. This does not change how much I like it though.



Final thoughts:

Overall Milani Cosmetics did a wonderful job at creating a wearable metallic lip. Something that should be noted is that the lippies do have a vanilla scent to them. If you are someone who does not enjoy scented products then this may not be a great option for you. They dry completely matte and made my obsession with liquid to matte lipsticks even more intense. While I truly enjoyed 2 out of 3 shades, I cannot speak for the formula of the other shades. These are limited edition, so I would pounce while you have the chance. They are soft and durable and made a great addition to my makeup collection. Maybe it will for yours too!

– Ar0deth

A Realization About Tattoos

On June 8th, one of my most exciting moments finally arrived- I was getting my first large tattoo. It was a portrait of Maleficent played by Angelina Jolie who brought one of my favorite characters to life. Here is a photo of it taken by my potato of a phone camera:


by Vero Imbo at The Arts Coorporation, Montreal.

I was thrilled to show it off to my coworkers, my family, anybody and everybody until the healing process began. It soon scabbed over, it peeled, it did its tattoo thing, which is totally fine, but I wasn’t as willing to let people see it.

That’s when I realized that it no longer mattered what I want. I had people ask to see it all the time, which is totally fine, but after politely saying no they would keep asking and asking. It dawned on me that this piece of art that is on my body, would no longer feel like my own. I learned quickly that no does not mean no anymore to the people who want to see it. To them it was a part of me that they figured they could look at any time it pleased them.

I was extremely uncomfortable at certain times during this healing process with showing it off and that did not matter to anyone. I kept getting asked to expose my body repeatedly after turning down the idea multiple times, until I finally get exhausted and just do it.

This may not be a big deal to some people, but it is to me, because I have a right to keep my tattoo covered if I want to. The fact that people demand to see it is insulting and actually very rude if I had already said no.

Yes this tattoo is on my arm. Yes the arm is not a sexual body part (unless that’s your thing then cool). While this is on my arm, I wish the public would remember that its MY arm. It is part of me, and that demanding to see it when I do not feel like showing it off (or for medical reasons) is not okay and honestly feels like borderline harassment. This does not mean that I regret getting the tattoo. I still adore it.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that no means no, and that goes for anything. These are just my thoughts.

Can any of you relate? Let me know what you think.


Life Charcoal Peel-Off Mask Review/First Impression

I have been seeing a lot of DIY charcoal masks all over social media recently, and of course I wanted to find out for myself how well they work. While at my local pharmacy, I learned that getting charcoal capsules were more expensive than just buying the Life brand charcoal mask. Guess, which one my cheap a** opted for. Before continuing I must say that if you don’t like looking at the inside of a peeled face mask, then I advise to possibly look at another post.

20160507_202302.jpgUpon inspecting the packaging, I saw that there was 150mL of mask in the tube. I also saw that if I did not like it, I could return it to my local pharmacy and get reimbursed, which is an added bonus.

This product claims to lessen the presence of pores. As someone with large potholes in my face (I may be exaggerating but the brain sees what it sees), I figured I could definitely benefit from this mask, especially after having seen many youtubers use it and show the gross (yet oddly satisfying) remnants of their masks. It is also paraben-free, so whoopee.

It says that using it once or twice a week is best and that a thick and even layer should be applied. Of course the eye area, lips, eyebrows and hairline should be avoided. After leaving it on for 30 minutes or until dry, it is supposed to be peeled off.

I went forth and applied a thick layer of the stuff as instructed by the bottle and I must say that this was extremely annoying. It was difficult to try and get an even layer and I feel like I used a good portion of the tube just to do so. Somehow I managed to get it all over my hands too since I’m a genius. Nonetheless, this was the end result:


Feeling like my skin was suffocating, I waited until it was dry. I excitedly ran to my bathroom to watch myself turn into a reptile shedding its skin.The peeling process stung just a tad, but it was nothing unmanageable. Thus, my second face was born.


You can clearly see where the mask sank into my pores (by the way I did steam my face before doing this and dried it off). Now would I say this works miracles? Not necessarily. I was able to see some bits of my face on the inside of that mask. In that sense I guess I could say it works, however I wish there was a lot more that would have come off. The mask did come off in one piece as shown, but of course there was little remnants around my face that needed to be rubbed off with warm water. The struggle is real by the way, do NOT let your hair get in it.

Overall my feelings about this are pretty average. Not bad, but not amazing either. This product costs $6.99, which does beat paying $12 for a bottle of charcoal capsules plus the money to mix it with the Elmer’s glue. I think I will keep it and just maybe my pores appearance will be reduced eventually. I like to think of this as beauty on a budget.

Have you tried it? What are your thoughts?

– Ar0deth


My Top 5 Makeup Pet Peeves

As anyone who applies makeup knows, there are a lot of little things that can make the experience wonderful, or make you feel like you’re fighting with a significant other (my eyeliner and I have those days where we just don’t agree). However, no matter what I will always love my makeup no matter what fights we get into. For better or worse, till death do us part. Here are my top 5 makeup pet peeves.

Can you relate to any of them?

  1. Eye-shadow fallout. This has got to be one of the worst and most annoying occurrences. My biggest fear when I apply a dark or bright eye-shadow is that don’t take enough off the brush when I tap it; that it will go everywhere under my eye and on my nose. It happens so often where I believe that I am in the clear when I finish my eyes, but then I notice tiny little black specks on the side of my nose and it makes me want to
    2. Clumpy mascara. I know a lot of people make faces when they do their mascara, but personally I hold my breath. I do this because I hope to god that my mascara will go on properly. I am also notorious for holding on to mascaras past their prime, because eyelashes are just not one thing that I’m quick to make accommodations for. This unfortunately results in eyelashes that are painful to look at a lot of the time.ecbb58891ed054bf34d7863fb56713a9
    3. Foundation that doesn’t match the skin. I can safely say that I’m not the only person in the world who hates this. As a pale person who gets compared to milk, many foundations go on as too yellow, the dreaded orange. Even if a foundation doesn’t match completely, at least blend it on your neck so there isn’t this harsh line. Of course finding a foundation takes patience- which is something I don’t have.

    face and neck.JPG
    4. Unblended eye-shadow. There is nothing quite like when you put eye-shadow on your lid, realize you put too much and then proceed to have a hell of a time trying to blend it. Having my eye-shadow look gradient is incredibly important to me, so when I make a detrimental mistake such as this one, or see it on others, I cannot help but cringe a little. I suppose this can also tie into #1.

    5. Foundation packaging. This is just a “me” thing, but I can find faults with almost any foundation packaging. For example, Kat Von D’s foundation is encased in this thick plastic and has a pump. What happens when you “run out” of product? You throw it out, because you cannot crack open the damn foundation casing. There is also the fact that some foundations in general could use a pump due to their thickness, but we are not provided with one. Want to use every last drop of product in your foundation bottle? Good luck on finding a foundation brush that is narrow enough to reach the bottom that will allow you to get your moneys worth.

    While these pet peeves are personal, I hope this is something a lot of you can relate to in this crazy beautiful world of makeup. After all, it is wonderful to be a makeup addict instead of being hooked on something much worse.


    Me in a nutshell.

    No matter the faults, makeup allows us to feel gorgeous, to get creative and be who we feel on the inside, and I wouldn’t trade that for anything.

    – Ar0deth

Sephora Unboxing!

I don’t know about you guys, but whenever I get anything in the mail I’m super stoked. What makes it even better is when you know that what you’re receiving is makeup from Sephora. I once again had this amazing feeling when I saw that my parcel had arrived at the post office.

Eagerly I tore it open to look at my goodies inside and I immediately thought that I should share with you what I had purchased.


  1. Beauty Blender

I must say that this purchase has been long overdue and I completely understand what all the hype is about. My makeup has never been so seamlessly blended in with my skin!

2. Ciaté London x Olivia Palermo Smokey Suedes Eye Palette

This product is limited edition and absolutely gorgeous! I could not find it in stores for the life of me so I finally bit the bullet and got it online. I must say that I have no regrets! This palette has 9 beautiful shades and truly do live up to the softness of suede. I love the mix of neutrals and vibrant colors. This is going to be fun to play with!

3. Yves Saint Laurent Touch Eclat Neutralizers in Violet

I first saw this product in Grav3yardgirl’s valentines day get ready with my video. I was so shocked when I saw how much it brightened up her face that I knew I just had to have it. My under eye area is not bad when it comes to dark circles, but some days you just want that extra oomph and this product give that!


4. Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in shade Bow N Arrow

I have tried to find this lipstick for months on end, only to be let down every single time I enter a Sephora. It had been sold out online many times and I had given up on hope of ever welcoming this baby into my collection- until now. A miracle happened. It was restocked online, thus my dreams came true. Another beautiful fawn colored liquid to matte lipstick to call my makeup desk home.

5. Sephora birthday gift – Fresh 2016 Skincare Set

This set comes with Fresh Soy Face Cleanser and a Fresh Rose Face Mask. These smell absolutely delightful and I look forward to using them! You can get these if you are a Beauty Insider at Sephora.



That was everything I received other than little samples! If you would like a more in-depth review on any of these products then comment to let me know!  I hope you enjoyed this unboxing.



Using Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipstick As Eyeliner

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipstick has got to be one of my favorite products on this earth. Over the last few months I have started a collection and I must say that his lipsticks are my beauty staples. I almost never leave the house without one on.

One thing he says consistently with his lipsticks is that they are eye safe and vegan, which is wonderful. I decided to put to put them to the test. Today I used the shade Blue Velvet as liquid liner and I have something to say about the experience of application.


JSC Velour Liquid Lipstick shade Blue Velvet as eyeliner.

To be quite honest, it was not easy to work with. I used a normal liner brush to dip into the product, which did pick up pretty well, but that isn’t my issue. My problem is that the color did not go on opaque whatsoever. The amount of layering I did was insane and this was very time consuming.

The final product itself looked beautiful, but I was disappointed in how streaky it was when used on the lid. I’m wondering if it’s just the formula for this color in particular, or if they would all be a pain in the derrière to work with.

I plan to try to use them on my lid again, but in a different color. As for this shade, it will be used mostly on my lips from now on as to avoid frustration.



Products used:

Stay All Day Foundation & Concealer, shade Bare 1 – Stila

Velour Liquid Lipstick, shade Unicorn Blood – Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Shade & Light Contour Palette, shades Lucid, Shadowplay and Subconscious – Kat Von D

Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed shade Pearl – Becca

Brow Powder Duo, shade Medium Brown – Anastasia Beverly Hills

The Falsies Volum’ Express Waterproof in Very Black  – Maybelline

Infallible Lacquer Liner 24h in Blackest Black – L’Oreal Paris

Powder Blush Palette in Light – E.l.f Cosmetics

Naked Smoky, shades Dirtysweet and Thirteen – Urban Decay

Eyeshadow Primer Potion, original – Urban Decay

Double Exposure Palette, shade Quartz – Smashbox

Electric Pressed Pigment Palette, shades Slowburn, Savage and Jilted – Urban Decay

Urban Decay: Electric Palette Review

The Urban Decay Electric Palette has been on my loves list at Sephora for a very long time, but because it’s so bright and in your face I avoided buying it- until now. I figured this would get me out of my makeup rut and boy was I right. I am convinced that these pops of color can get anyone out of boring old habits. After all, makeup is an art and finding different ways to get out of our comfort zone is all part of the fun!

Without further adieu, I’ll tell you about the palette as well as my first impression/review!


The price of this palette at Sephora is only $59 CAD.

This gorgeous palette comes with 10 vibrant shades that make me want to cry tears of joy.

From left to right first row:DSCF2713v2.jpg

Revolt: A beautiful silver shade that would make Ke$ha proud to wear. The shade is shimmery and does have glitter. I’d say its a bit on the light/medium side when it comes to how dark it is in terms of silvers if that makes any sense. When I use an eyeshadow brush to pick it up, not very much goes on so you might have to dip it in a few times to get a very powerful silver colour. Hard to see in the swatch, but that’s just because I’m pale, and the issues with getting it on the brush.

Gonzo: A turquoise with a wee little bit of shimmer to it, though it is considered a matte shade. In Urban Decays product description, it describes this as a, “bright turquoise matte w/ floating tonal pearl”, whatever the hell that means. I have never heard of something being described as a floating tonal pearl, but I’ll accept it as fact.

Slowburn: I’d describe this shade as being intensely reddish-orange. I see a little bit of shimmer to this one, and it had the same “floating tonal pearl” description as well. This makes me want to create a sunset on my eyelids, even though it is listed as one of the shades that are not meant to be put around the eyes, but I’ll get into that later.

Savage: This is a BAM in your face bright hot pink shade that would make probably make Elle Woods from Legally Blonde (such a good movie) pass out- I know I wanted to. It is matte as well which makes me feel like the makeup gods have blessed me with such perfection. This shade has the warning as well.

Fringe: A glittery/metallic teal that makes dreams come true. I don’t have words to describe how wonderfully pigmented this shade is. Plain and simple: it’s pretty.

From left to right bottom row:


Thrash: Urban Decay describes it as, “bright lime green matte w/floating gold pearl”. To me it looks more yellow than green, but I’m not about to argue. I can’t see myself using this shade too often but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s incredibly pigmented!

Freak: A lighter green colour that I would compare to mint in my humble opinion even though it still looks rather warm toned. It does have some shimmer/sparkle to it. Again, not one I can see myself using often, but man it is opaque.

Urban: A dramatic metallic purple shade. It’s not too dark and it seems to be more on the warmer side of the spectrum. This shade does not disappoint whatsoever; wonderfully opaque just how everyone likes their shadows. This shade contains the eye warning.

Jilted: A purple-ish pink, fuchsia looking shade that looks metallic like many of the other shades in this palette. It also has a “blue shift” according to Urban Decay. This is the last shade that contains the eye warning.

Chaos: A spectacularly bright blue matte shade and the one I consider to be my personal favourite. It has that “floating tonal pearl” description once again.

About that warning…

Urban Decay declared that for the USA, Brazil and Canada there are pigments in some of the shades that have been refused for approval around the eye. These shades as mentioned earlier are: slowburn, jilted, urban and savage. Upon further investigation on Google, I came across a post from reallyree that mentioned that the warning was not on the UK packaging of this palette. To see the full statement from Urban Decay on reallyree’s post click here. Personally, I choose to still use them around my eyes. I guess all I can say is if you choose to use them around your eyes, be careful and you have been warned.

Pros and Cons


  • Extremely pigmented.
  • Easily blended.
  • Lasts all day.
  • Great quality.
  • Comes with a brush that I forgot to include in the photo.


  • Stains eyelids sometimes.
  • The ominous warning.
  • A bit pricey.

Overall impression


Fringe on the lid, urban in the crease blended out, and revolt in the inner corner.

To me this is a gorgeous palette that can inspire and help push people out of their comfort zone. With many vibrant colours, it challenges people to create something truly unique and fun. The staining on the lids is definitely not ideal , and I don’t consider this palette to be one for every day use, but it has a special quality to it that makes me glad it is part of my growing collection.